UPress of Florida’s “Tiger King” Sale


Fringe Florida's "Tiger King" Sale


If you can’t get enough of Netflix’s “Tiger King” documentary, it’s a perfect time to read Fringe Florida.

This month my publisher, University Press of Florida, is offering a Tiger sale on my book. Get almost $10 off a hardback and $5 off a paperback. Plus, you will get free shipping!

Exotic animal owners and activist Carole Baskin (murder-for-hire target of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a.k.a. Joe Exotic) are included in the book along with many other unconventional Floridians. You know, people who dress like ponies, chase UFOs, run carnival sideshows, and others who follow their passions to whatever sunny, muddy, or virtual space it leads them.

Be sure to use the sale link because it goes directly to the University Press of Florida site, not Amazon. Then use the discount code TIGER at checkout.

Also, be sure to watch my blog here, and follow the “Fringe Florida” facebook page for updates. For those interested in learning more about the disappearance of Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s late husband, check out this investigative piece I wrote nearly 20 years ago for Tampa Bay’s alternative newspaper.




Author Talks of UFOs and Florida Ghosts

hoaxmobile 1Fringe Florida author Lynn Waddell shares tales from her research on the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings and the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on Hallow’s Eve, Oct. 30, 2014. Held in the funky bohemian town of Gulfport the Halloween event will feature weird Florida images and outtakes from the author’s popular book. Don’t be late. The show sponsored by Circle of Friends of Gulfport Library and the Florida Humanities Council begins at 7 pm at the Catherine Hickman Theater.

The Pitfalls of Living with a Lion – Fringe Florida

As I clean up a bag of flour scattered by my mischievous golden retriever (I swear she only had free roam of the house for 30 minutes), I think of Terine and realize it could be much worse, much, much worse.   Terine had a pet lion.

Lion Love, Terine and Mus. Photo by James Harvey. Rights Reserved.

Lion Love, Terine and Mus. Photo by James Harvey, rights reserved.

I met Terine at Everglades Outpost wildlife sanctuary during the research of my book, Fringe Florida. She volunteered at the rescue outside Homestead and was raising the 7-month-old lion cub for a breeder. At the time, Mus was about the size of full-grown golden retriever. He lived with her, slept in her bed, and shared a litter box with her domestic cat. This of course created quite of few challenges, not the least of which was the potential loss of digits.

Jokes aside, exotic cats belong only in the wild. Period.

I’ll talk about Terine and other unique Floridians from Fringe Florida tonight at the Vero Beach Book Center. Event begins at 6 pm. In the meantime, my pet goes into timeout, and I’ll be wiping flour off my skirt all the way to Vero Beach.