Fringe Begets Fringe Sideshow

Perhaps only in Florida would a book presentation at a library turn into a honest-to-god sideshow. I know I can be a little freaky, especially after too much coffee, but St. Pete native Daniel Funk made me look like a sleepy librarian Monday night at my “Fringe Florida” book talk.  It appeared that I had planned it; my talk ended with photos of sideshow performers.

I had met Daniel previously at my book release party. He’s friends with Angye Fox, a nudist, swinger and boob-painter (that’s painting with her ta-tas), who I wrote about in Fringe Florida. Some may recognize Daniel from Playgirl as I’m told he was on full display last year, but that’s another story.

I ran across Daniel again at Ward Hall’s Sideshow Arts Seminar earlier this month in Tampa. Daniel is a renaissance man of fringe.

He was sitting in the back during my presentation at Mirror Lake Library. He commented during the Q&A and I introduced him as a showman and half joked that he might perform for us. He did just that.

He pulled out a 3-inch nail. And that bulge in his white pants? Well, he wasn’t that excited to be there.  Out came a stubby hammer. He used it to pound the nail up his nose.

More than one audience member captured it via cell video. (I just have access to a vertical shot. Videographer wanted.) Many cringed in horror. One woman looked away while she held up her cell phone to record every millimeter of the nail disappearing up Daniel’s nose.

Bravo, Daniel! Bravo, Fringe!