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ForeWord Review 2014 national Book of the Year Award finalist, travel essay



“If you’re looking for the outer orbits of America, come to Florida, and if you seek the Sunshine State’s funky-drumbeat fringe, you can do no better than Lynn Waddell.”
Tim Dorsey, New York Times best-selling author

“Be forewarned: As an upright citizen, you may be shocked by sections of “Fringe Florida,” so rush out and buy it right away.” –Jeff Calder, Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Read the review here

“In Fringe Florida, St. Petersburg journalist Lynn Waddell lifts up the rug we sweep the really strange stuff under…Waddell brings both a wry sense of humor and a journalist’s open mind to all the communities she visits.” – Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

Fringe Florida demonstrates that there is more than enough deviant behavior to go around, from Pensacola to Miami.” – Thomas Swick, the Weekly Standard

“One need not be a denizen of the Sunshine State to bask in the off-kilter glow of this completely charming and wonky delight. It’s a circus sideshow in a binding, a barrel of fun that disparages the notion that Florida is nothing but theme parks and retired seniors.” – The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.)


One of the Best Non-Fiction Books of 2013 –

Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times


“Let Fringe Florida be your guide as you embrace the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in a sub-tropical or tropical climate. Waddell’s research and reportage makes for a fascinating, mind-opening read.” The Rumpus

” With dry humor and a keen eye, she enters these worlds as an engaged, curious observer, and without condescension or cheap shots, winds up shedding new light on everything from the Mons Venus to the Holy Land Experience.” Creative Loafing Editor David Warner.



“Best journey into Florida’s underbelly”

Creative Loafing, Best of the Bay


“She [Waddell] offers us a more complicated view of people which most of us are blinded to.” – Eve Ray, the New Orleans Review

“5 Stars… Fringe Florida is simultaneously gruesome and fascinating- The Florida girl in me wanted to stand up and defend my home state, but then I realized that Waddell wasn’t making fun of our wackiness, she was celebrating it.” Our Life In Books 


“Fringe Florida is an entertaining tour guide…Waddell …is brave enough to put herself in the thick of it.” Scott Thomas, the Buffalo News

“Waddell has the reporter’s eye for odd detail (even amid an abundance of oddity) and the reporter’s knack for getting people with underground stories to tell them anyway…Fringe Florida is a fun tour, smoothly written.” Florida Book Review

“Lynn Waddell has a new book out called “Fringe Florida: Travels among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles.” Fun read. Not for kids. Not the usual tour of Florida.” – Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“It was fascinating getting a look at some of the fringe cultures in Florida. Some of the people involved were amazing, and I found myself engrossed in more than a few of the larger than life people that were brought to life in this book… Overall a well done, and really interesting book.” MLE via Good Reads

“Waddell looked deep into the seamier side of Florida and came up with this bizarre and compelling book. From women willing to show everything to win a beach contest, to one of the oldest spiritual communities in the country to the truly frightening Holy Land in Orlando, readers will be unable to look away. It’s the proverbial accident we all have to get a gander at. If at times disturbing and repelling, it is also funny, sweet and sad. For all lovers of Florida.” –Cayocosta72




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