Joe Redner: Strip Club King and Cigar City Beer Backer

Most Tampa Bay residents know Joe Redner as the fiery owner of Mons Venus, a world-famous nude strip club. Being supremely fringe, Joe was prime fodder for my book. I interviewed him for a chapter called “The King of Trampa.”

Since my book went to press, Joe’s battled lung cancer and watched his son’s craft beer business, Cigar City Brewing, which Joe funded, flourish nationally. (The New York Times rated Guava Grove Farmhouse Ale the best value in sour, craft beer).

In fact, Cigar City Brewing is in such demand that Virginia friends begged me to haul them a case on my flight up as if I were a bootlegger. I opted for a change of clothes rather than gratitude that would have lasted about as long as it took them to down a six-pack of Cigar City’s Florida Cracker. Their disappointment was nothing compared to that of the brew lovers’ who were left thirsty at Hunahpu’s Day, Cigar City’s annual special release party, when they discovered their tickets were counterfeit.

As you can see from his interview below with WFLA Channel 8 News Anchor Gayle Sierens, Joe’s clearly proud of Joey and happy with the return on his investment.

Sierens interviewed Joe for a two-part story this week ostensibly because he’s closing in on his 74th birthday. But hey, it’s ratings week and everyone knows that hints of nude women draw more views than a scandal about the Mayor’s sweet, taxpayer-funded ride.

Joe admittedly enjoys weed and credits it for helping him deal with cancer. Ever passionate and prone to pursuing the forbidden, Joe pursues his Gaunga-love through another business endeavor – a marijuana grow house.

Joe, always provocative, forever fringe.

WFLA News Channel 8

WFLA News Channel 8