Pasco Nudists Reality TV Bait, Again

kendra-on-top Word is that Pasco County — “nudist capital of America” or “world,” depending on who you ask — is coming under the spotlight of reality TV once again. The blog 2paragraphs reports that in the latest episode of We TV’s Kendra on Top, star Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy fame tracks down her real father in Land O’ Lakes, Fla. where he apparently lives in a nudist community. Show airs Friday, October 31 at 9 pm eastern.

Florida is where reality TV often bares its tabloid heart and it’s not the first time Pasco County nudists have been featured because, hey, the promise of naked bodies is sure to draw viewers.  In 2013 the TLC’s “Buying Naked” featured Pasco’s clothing-optional communities and lots of fuzzed out body parts. Pasco nudists would like to forget Paris Hilton’s “Simple Life” foray at Caliente Resorts Tampa, or at least her later comments about it.